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2018 Toyota 86

Take a Look at the New 86…


Toyota’s innovations over the past few decades have created a series of iconic vehicles known for various features, including efficiency, precision, and durability. In the 86, the company’s engineers set out to design the purest and most refined sports car offering in the company’s history, putting the engineering expertise that has made the Corolla and Prius iconic vehicles to the task of creating a pure sport vehicle. The result is slick, easy to drive, and stiff competition for longer-established names in this class.

Vehicle Overview Content for 86 Models


  • 205 horsepower engine
  • Navigation system available
  • Standard auxiliary input jack
  • Standard leather steering wheel
  • 37 inches of front seat headroom
  • 21mpg city/28 mpg highway
  • $27,140 MSRP

With all of these features in place, it is easy to see how this vehicle is poised to make an impact. Lightweight and powerful for its size, it is simultaneously built for comfort and power, with all the styling you would expect from a sports car. It doesn’t have quite the same power as a muscle car, but its design is built around lightweight cruising, so it will give just about anything out there a run for its money.

Cruise With Confidence


Bringing Toyota’s standards of design excellence to bear on a lighter, sportier vehicle means delivering the kind of fuel efficiency you expect to see in an economic sedan to a car that is built for covering distances quickly, and that is truly impressive. For customers looking to make an investment they can enjoy, Toyota’s longstanding reputation for retaining value across all its vehicle lines will also make this a sound choice that you can count on for years to come.

Time will tell exactly how the 86 measures up to other Toyota vehicles for five year cost of ownership, but the designs are impressive.


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