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2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Checking Out the Avalon Hybrid for 2018


Toyota has been a leader in the hybrid car market practically since its inception, and that domination is not likely to end soon. Not only has the Prius become practically synonymous with high performing fuel efficiency, its design cycle gave Toyota an advantage that is just now starting to become apparent as other vehicles manufactured by the company begin rolling out their hybrid options. Among that new vanguard of efficient vehicles is the Avalon Hybrid.

Overview Content for Avalon Hybrid


Like many other hybrid vehicles, the Avalon’s new hybrid model offers very little variation between its city and highway mileage, coming in at an impressive 40/39 mpg. Like other hybrid models, the slight decrease in highway efficiency is actually due to the lowered likelihood of running for long periods of time on the battery alone while at high speed.

The starting price of just under $38,000 puts it on the affordable side for luxury vehicles, and its interior styling is designed for comfort, so the ride is a considerable upgrade from the efficiency-oriented predecessors it stands with. That makes it a great option for those who want to enjoy being pampered on a drive without paying the price in gas.

Other features include:

  • EV, Eco, and Sport modes
  • 5L 4-cylinder hybrid ECVT engine
  • 156 horsepower
  • 14 cubic feet of cargo space
  • 4 star front end crash test rating

Enjoy a Ride Like No Other


When you are looking for a hybrid vehicle performance and a price tag that competes with other sedans, but you want to make sure you enjoy the creature comforts that come from vehicles like the Avalon, you now have the perfect solution. The Avalon hybrid takes the best innovations that hybrid engineering teams have cooked up so far, bringing them to a model that is built to be a pleasure to drive. You need to feel it in action to understand completely.


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