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2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The 2018 Toyota Highlander: Legendary Name, Legendary Performance

When it comes to midsized crossover sport utility vehicles, there can only be one that performs consistently in many categories and delivers the comfort, safety and power you need: the 2018 Toyota Highlander. Sharing a chassis design with the brand’s famous model Camry, it also inherits similar qualities such as ease of handling, an ample amount of interior room and durability. These aspects that make the Camry a solid performer year after year also appear in the Highlander, but with a lot of bonuses.

Design Contributes to Fuel Efficiency

Specifically, the hybrid version may be a sound upgrade for many families. Take the 4WD-i Hybrid Limited Platinum, for example, which prices in at around $48, 840 and compare it with the Ford Explorer Sport 4WD edition, which is close in price at around $46, 300. For one, you’ll see a typical 29 MPG in EPA-measured city mileage out of the Highlander, which is a far cry from the Ford Explorer Sport’s average of 16 MPG in the city. The Highlander Hybrid’s ECO mode adds to this fuel efficiency by modifying the throttle response, a useful feature to have on slick snow or ice. Add on EV mode, which kicks in the electric motor only for low-speed or short distance driving, and you’ll see that the Highlander Hybrid is made for efficiency.

However, one major plus is that power is not sacrificed for that efficiency. The Highlander Hybrid boats a very robust V6 engine, which kicks in a little oomph with your daily drive. Factor in the ease of maneuverability and you have a SUV that’s an absolute dream to drive. On top of this, you and your passengers enjoy an impressive amount of room. In the front, you’ve got 44.2 inches of leg room, versus 42.9 on the Ford Explorer Sport edition. Overall, the Highlander has 78.6 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the front seat and seats up to 7, which is plenty of room for most average-sized families and their accoutrements.

Built for Safety


Besides a construction inherently tooled for reliability and safety, the Highlander also adds Toyota’s unique Safety Sense P feature into the mix. Included are an in-vehicle camera and front-grill mounted millimeter-wave radar, along with Lane Departure Alerts, a Pedestrian Detection function and Steer Assist. This is a powerful blend of functionalities that work together to cut back on the common causes of most accidents: frontal collisions, lane drifting and reduced visibility.

Within its automotive lineage, the 2018 Toyota Highlander contains efficiency, versatility and user-friendliness along with durability and reliability. These are all fine qualities to have in an SUV, but the 2018 Highlander injects a little fun into the mix with a powerful engine, precision braking and steering that contributes much to its overall agility and ease of handling. It’s a champ both on and off the road, and its key features and extras make it a top choice for many families.


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