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2018 Toyota Prius c

The 2018 Prius c: A Smart Urban Model for Today’s Drivers


For urban drivers who don’t need massively large vehicles, the subcompact category has plenty of appeal. Fuel efficiency is a key feature of vehicles in this category, but none perform in that aspect quite like the 2018 Prius c. With top-of-the-charts economy and the inclusion of safety and other great standard features, the lithe, small-bodied Prius c charges ahead like a bull twice its size in the automotive pack.

Improved Fuel Economy for the Price


To gain a good perspective on how subcompact models compare within their category, it’s useful to put the Prius c head to head with an equally priced model. The Prius c Four, when compared directly with the Ford Focus ST, reveal some startling factors. While both are priced in the mid-$25,000 range, the Prius c comes out on top in fuel economy, boasting 46 MPG in EPA city miles while the Focus ST barely compares with 22 MPG in the city. It’s also worth noting that like the primary Prius models, the city gas mileage stats score slightly higher than the highway gas mileage figures. This is not unusual for the Toyota brand, which makes it ideal for city and suburban dwellers looking to shave down their gasoline usage significantly.

Options Are Not Options—They’re Standard on the Prius c


This model of hybrid is clearly geared towards the younger, urban driver who values extra tech to make getting from point A to point B much more enjoyable. The inclusion of satellite radio and a navigational system, as well as the Touch Tracer Display that allows drivers to see what steering wheel controls they activate without taking their eyes too far away from the road, are also standard on the Prius c. Additionally, safety features such as Lane Departure Alert cut down on the chance of crashes significantly, another useful piece of tech for the frequent driver of packed city streets.

If you’re going to drop $25,000 on a hatchback, why not get the most bang for your bucks? The Prius c offers that and more with its superior gas mileage rating, tech-savvy standards and vital safety features. With a wide range of styling options and additional extras that infuse the daily drive with more fun, the Prius c is the clear winner against the Focus ST.




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