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2018 Toyota Prius Prime

Introducing the 2018 Prius Prime


Toyota has been redefining efficiency for well over a decade now, thanks to the perennial popularity of the Prius brand since the beginning of the push for hybrid vehicles in the middle of the last decade. Over the years, its innovations have included a number of important additions to vehicle safety, navigation, and even entertainment. Now, the 2018 Prius Prime is rolling out innovations that make the new model as revolutionary as the original was when it debuted.

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The first thing you will notice with the new Prius Prime is its fuel efficiency rating. With a 54/133 mpg estimate, it sets a new bar that few other hybrid vehicles can touch. How? The answer is simple. It’s also got 19.8 cubic feet of cargo space, ensuring that you will be able to count on hauling everything you need comfortably and without a loss of fuel efficiency. The new features go beyond the simple matter of gas savings, though.

The Prius Prime also incorporates all of Toyota’s innovative safety features, including the classing pre-collision system and the new Safety Sense P® that combines a front-facing camera, grill-mounted millimeter-wave radar, and a pedestrian detection function, in addition to steering assistance. That makes it one of the safest new cars designed this year, and one of the most automated.

Navigation and Entertainment


On top of the comfortable and spacious interior that you have probably come to expect from Toyota and the innovations to efficiency and safety, there are a number of standard technology features that will make every drive in the Prius Prime easier for everyone in the car. The first is its navigation system, which is now standard. The second is the standard auxiliary jack that provides easy access to your smartphone or other device’s music library.



If you are looking for the best combination of new safety features, fuel efficiency, and technology this year, the Prius Prime is likely to be your best bet. With an MSRP starting at $27,100, it is affordable on a budget, even with features that were considered top-tier luxury options just a few short years ago.


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