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2018 Toyota Prius v

A First Look at the 2018 Prius V


If you are looking for a new fuel efficient vehicle this year, you have got to be in tune with the Prius models that Toyota has just unveiled. While the Prius was not the first hybrid on the market, it has become the most iconic, and that’s because Toyota was able to bring together technological innovation and design to produce a vehicle that solved the problems other hybrid electric engines grappled with. Since then, the lessons the Prius has taught the auto industry have created an intense atmosphere of research and competition. Every step of the way, new innovations to the Prius continue to keep it ahead of the pack, and this year’s model is no exception.

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This year’s Prius continues to feature a lot of the same things that have made it so popular over the years. That includes the impressive 43/39 mpg rating for fuel efficiency and a price point that is just under $27,000 to start, making it affordable for commuters on a budget. It has a strong array of standard features, including automatic transmission, halogen headlights, and the spacious interior design that fans of the vehicle have come to cherish.



As Toyota unveils more and more hybrid options over the coming years, the Prius will no doubt continue to evolve into a vehicle that tests the limits of Toyota’s design while providing savings and efficiency. If you are interested in giving this year’s model a test drive, you need to check out the way it feels with a test drive.


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