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2018 Toyota Sienna

The 2018 Toyota Sienna

With the new 2018 Toyota Sienna, owners have a reason to celebrate driving their minivans. This vehicle’s recently updated engine and suspension system make it a performer that can shave the corners while hauling the kids to soccer practice.

Standard Features

Like all minivans, the Sienna is built to move families. Its interior configuration can be set up with a bench or captain’s chairs in the second row. Owners have room for seven or eight passengers depending on their preferences.

The infotainment system is adequate to keep the kids busy on long trips. Rear facing Blu-Ray screens show favorite movies. For additional electronics, the van is also outfitted with three 12 volt DC sockets, two 120 Volt AC outlets, three auxiliary jacks, two USB ports, and one SD card socket. Drivers can keep an eye on what’s going on in the rear with the numerous reflective surfaces, and the intercom system gives the driver the ability to directly communicate with the passengers in the third row.

The van can also be converted for hauling cargo. The third row folds down into the floor wells and the second row can be removed when it is not in use. The maximum cargo capacity becomes 120.1 cubic feet. With a full load of passengers the space behind the last row is still adequate for luggage or groceries.

Improved Safety

The Sienna enjoys a five star overall crash test rating and is outfitted with Toyota’s latest crash avoidance features. Stability, traction, and braking controls keep drivers in command during emergency maneuvers. Toyota has also included lane departure warning systems, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. At low speeds a backup camera shows hazards behind the vehicle as well.

New for 2018

The powertrain was upgraded in previous years and is continued through the 2018 model year. The new 3.5 Liter V6 has four cam shafts, direct and port injection, and variable valve train timing. These software controlled features improve the engine output to 296 horsepower. When paired with the 8 speed automatic transmission and its independent suspension system, this minivan performs like a much smaller sportier car.

For improved safety, the 2018 model can also be equipped with all-wheel drive. This added feature is available on demand. It slightly increases the cost and lowers fuel economy, but in colder climates it is worth the extra investment. This feature is unique for minivans making the Sienna the best option for buyers who need better control during winter months.

The Toyota Sienna is an excellent option for minivan buyers. Not only do these features enhance the ownership experience, but Toyota backs their vehicles with a comprehensive warranty. The first two years of maintenance is also included.


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