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Pennsylvania Toyota Care vs Competition

Have you ever wondered how maintenance services at Toyota ServiceCenters compare in terms of price with other service providers? Your Western Pennsylvania Toyota Dealers are aware that you have many options when it comes to routine scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. Many car owners turn to national chain service providers, such as Goodyear and Firestone, for instance, when it comes time to schedule needed maintenance.

When you visit our convenient Compare Toyota Service Pricing page, you’ll see typical fees charged by some of the competition in your area for routine services, such as tire rotation, battery replacement, oil change, wiper replacement, or replacing four tires. Once you see what Firestone charges for wiper insert replacement, for example, click on the link above and it will take you to a map of all the local Toyota dealers/ServiceCenters in the Western Pennsylvania area.

Find the dealer closest to you and request a quote for service, or call them directly to find out what that dealer is charging for the same service. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Toyota is highly competitive. We have to be. We want your business. And we know the only way to get it—and keep you as a happy, repeat customer—is to provide excellent, efficient, prompt, and affordable service. Call the dealer’s listed, toll-free number, or visit their website for more information about their services, including pricing and any specials or deals.

 Oil ChangeWiper InsertsTire RotationBattery ReplacementReplace 4 Tires
Contact Your Local Toyota DealerContact Your Local Toyota DealerContact Your Local Toyota DealerContact Your Local Toyota DealerContact Your Local Toyota Dealer
Local Mechanic within 5 miles$39.99$20.00$30.00$149.99$569.99
Competing Local Toyota Dealers within 10 miles$32.95$26.00$26.99$139.00$548.00

* Disclaimer: For buying 3, 4th tire is max cost of $100, anything above that is customer responsibility
** Synthetic oil additional if required
*** Vehicle example 2007 Toyota Corolla


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