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2018 Toyota Yaris iA

Vehicle Overview or the 2018 Yaris IA


Toyota has created a number of efficient vehicles that have turned into fan favorites over the years. From the Corolla and Camry to the Prius and its ever-evolving hybrid engine, the brand’s name in the economy car market has stood for value, dependability, and above all else, fuel-efficient designer. The Yaris was no exception, and as one of the lightest and most nimble vehicles in Toyota’s catalog, it quickly became a favorite for those looking to invest in a commuter car that combines value and maneuverability. Check out the new vehicle overview content for Yaris IA vehicles, and see for yourself what 2018 brings.

Yaris IA Features and Details


The first thing the Yaris is known for is its economic footprint, because it is one of the most affordable cars available. This year’s Yaris IA continues in that tradition with:

  • 30 mpg city/39 mpg highway
  • $15,750 starting MSRP
  • 6 speed manual or automatic transmission
  • 1.5 cylinder 4-liter engine

The other thing that Yaris enthusiasts love about the vehicle is the way it is designed to provide space for both passengers and cargo. This makes it ideal as both a grocery-getter and a carpool vehicle:

  • 13.5 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Five seats
  • 34.4 inches of leg room in the back seat

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence


The new Yaris has more than just these features going for it, but describing the precise handling and the responsiveness that comes from several different design features Toyota has carefully shaped over generations of vehicle design would not do it justice. To really understand what sets the 2018 Yaris IA apart from both its predecessors and its competitors, you really need to take one out for a test drive. Then you’ll understand why it was such a great thing when it turned out to be such an affordable vehicle too.


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