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Toyota Oil Change

Cars and trucks have come a long way in a relatively short time. Since the first mass-production automobile first rolled off a then-new assembly line about a century ago, automotive technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. We’re not all driving flying cars, yet. But a lot has changed in a century. For instance, radio was a new-fangled technology back then. Few people owned a radio, and they certainly weren’t available in automobiles yet.

These days, many cars feature sophisticated sound systems, and radio is just one small facet of the entertainment package buyers have come to expect. Computers hadn’t even been invented 100 years ago. Today your car incorporates more digital technology than was needed to land a man on the moon.

But one thing has never changed: the need for clean oil to keep engines running smoothly. Oil is one of the few parts of your automobile that wears out regularly and predictably. That’s okay. It means the oil is doing its job, keeping crucial engine parts well-lubricated so they can work efficiently and effectively.

Of course, other components and systems require routine maintenance, too. But oil changes are among the maintenance tasks most-often required. Advances in technology mean cars are running longer between needed oil changes. But getting your oil changed is still an important aspect of scheduled vehicle maintenance.

Your Western Pennsylvania Toyota Dealers are happy to provide quick, convenient oil change service. Just locate the dealer nearest to you, and give them a call. To find your local dealer, visit our interactive dealer map, find your dealer’s contact information, and give them a call. Or request a service appointment using our online scheduling request tool. But, whatever you do, don’t ignore scheduled oil changes. They’re still important. And chances are, if you ever get that flying car, it will still need regular oil changes, too.



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