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Toyota Tundra Oil Change

Toyota Tundra Oil Change

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But if you own a car or truck, you’ll want to add regular oil changes to that list. Automotive manufacturing and design have advanced light years beyond what they were in the earliest days of the automobile. But one constant remains: Combustion engines require regular oil changes to operate at peak efficiency.

Fortunately, improvements in both engine design and oil formulation have combined to enable today’s vehicles to go farther between changes. But the need for regular oil and filter changes remains. You’ll want to protect your investment in your Tundra by keeping an eye on your oil and dropping in on your trusted Toyota Service provider for occasional oil changes.

Of course, the need for an oil change depends on a number of factors, beyond how many miles it’s been since your last service. Tundra owners who take advantage of Tundra’s impressive towing ability, for instance, may experience faster oil breakdown than drivers who don’t. When it comes time for your service, we know you have numerous options. We suggest you stick with trusted Toyota technicians to be sure you get only Toyota-recommended oil and filters at every service visit. To locate the Toyota Service Center nearest you, click on this link to our handy interactive map. Locate the dealership closest to you, click on it, and schedule your oil change today.


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