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Toyota Tundra Brake Service

Tundra Brake Check & Service

With newly standard active safety features, Toyota Tundra 2018 takes safety to a whole new level. But make no mistake: High-technology features and sensor-based systems only work as well as intended—if at all—if your brakes are in good shape. That’s why it’s important to have your brakes checked occasionally, and serviced as needed. Combined with good tires, brakes are your most important, most fundamental safety system.

It’s up to you to ensure they’re in good working order. It’s the best way to ensure everyone’s safe—every time you climb behind the wheel. Like Toyota Tundra itself, today’s brakes are engineered and manufactured to be reliable. But just like tires, brakes eventually experience wear. Situated as we are in the Allegheny mountains, Greater Pittsburgh drivers experience more wear and tear on their brakes. More than other Americans, that is, from less vertically—blessed—areas of the country.

Tundra’s impressive towing capacity reaches 10,200-lb. with available maximum towing capacity. But keep in mind that towing means brakes have to work harder. If you take advantage of Tundra’s tough towing capability, remember to have your brakes checked occasionally. To find a trusted Toyota Service provider close to you, click on this handy interactive map of Greater Pittsburgh Toyota Service Centers. Click on the pin icon closest to your location for more information about your nearby dealership, and schedule your brake check-up today.


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